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what makes relationships work

Have you ever felt unloved or under-appreciated? Have you taken the time to explain to those you care about HOW you like to feel loved and appreciated? Given examples, scenarios, etc? Or are you expecting them to "just know"?

This comes up A LOT in my conversations with people. It's funny how we expect others to "just know" what we want when we barely even know ourselves.

Have you ever asked THEM how THEY prefer to be loved and appreciated?

As a possibility, communication can solve every problem we think we have. And the context we create will shape the circumstances.

For example, it doesn't work long-term to feel love first and then show it. That's why relationships stop working, because the feeling stops. Create the context that you love someone, back that up with your actions, and THEN the circumstance of the feeling comes back alive. 💕

So the next time you feel unloved or under-appreciated, try loving and appreciating them in the ways that are meaningful to them, within the context of your unconditional love for them. Or don't. 😉

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