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Running a business can be hard and taxes can be confusing. My mission is to change all that for you. My name is Philip J. Weech, CPA and I want to be your trusted advisor. You can expect the best customer service and highest quality services you will ever experience for an affordable price. I am proactive and responsive in addressing your needs. You can trust I have your best interests in mind. I customize your service offering to perfectly fit your needs and provide all services myself. I am committed to over-delivering on my promises to you.

Services Provided

  • Coaching/Consulting

    • Business startup, strategy, execution, and growth as a trusted advisor

    • Personal performance coaching for an abundant life

    • Executive, Leadership and Sales

    • Personal Finance

  • CFO-Level Accounting Services

    • Access the expertise you need for a fraction of the full-time cost

    • Training and expert knowledge to support your full-time staff

    • Setting up and managing key performance indicators

    • Forecasting to support your operational plans

  • Bookkeeping

    • Essential to track your progress and make effective business decisions

  • Taxes

    • Personal and business returns, tax planning and tax strategy.

    • Let's save you some money!

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