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Thrive in the Face of Adversity

When adversity strikes, do you act or react? Do you take ownership of the situation or become a victim of the circumstances? I've been blessed to work with and coach my client NM Solar Group since June 2018. Despite the global pandemic which limited in-person sales opportunities and at times shut down operations completely they continued to write their own script in caring for their clients. This led to massive growth within the company. At the end of 2020 they were awarded and recognized as the fastest growing Albuquerque company in the large company category. Click here for the article.

What challenge(s) are you facing that you are committed to overcome? What aspects of your life or your career do you want to transform? I promise you, I can help.

I make dreams become reality. I bring "some day" to "right NOW". I remove invisible walls to achieve visible results. I am a fear exterminator. I specialize in peace and joy. I manufacture "I can do that" and "I just did that" machines. I create well-run businesses and lives.

What makes all of this possible is the greatness that already lies within you. Every person on this planet has greatness and majesty within them. At their core self the blueprints for magnificent achievements are lying dormant, waiting to be set free and put in motion. But we (to differing degrees) cover them up with our weak thinking. This looks like fear, jealousy, self-consciousness, low self-esteem and the like. We have scarcity mentalities around money, love, and self-worth. We look to others to determine our value as beings or to validate our accomplishments. We talk in terms of "if only" and "its not my fault" and "some people get all the breaks". This is not what is intended for any of us.

My job is to train you to change your direction (thinking) so that you can get your real self out into the world and experience life as it is intended to be. Enjoyed! I have the best job in the world, and while I witness the transformative results I see in my clients I always feel like I learn more from them than they do from me. That is the way of it. We can't sincerely love someone else without first loving ourselves. When we serve from selfless love, our self is blessed in the act of giving and by the way of being.

I don't have a single program I use. I practice what I preach every day by learning and applying principles from every book, individual, program and experience out there. Your challenge becomes my challenge and we overcome it together. Your vision becomes my vision as we bring it into existence. When I'm with a client I create the space for them to be heard and for me to hear so that their speaking identifies the topics we create around. Like a skilled surgeon I utilize the precise instrument for its intended job(s) to unlock the minds of my clients. And my quiver of tools never stops growing. I'm "all in" on your success, however you define it.

Are you ready to create the life you've always imagined?

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